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Velo3D, a leading technology company, offers the most advanced fully integrated metal 3D printing solution in the industry, catering to mission-critical components.

Renowned companies like SpaceX, Honeywell, and Lam Research turn to Velo3D's solution to drive innovation in defense, enhance aerospace applications, optimize transportation, and manufacture crucial oil & gas components.

Unlike conventional 3D printing and traditional manufacturing, which come with rigid design and performance constraints, Velo3D empowers engineers with true design freedom. It enables the creation of intricate parts without compromising on performance or quality for ease of manufacturing. Our commitment to fostering future innovations ensures that we deliver parts with precise standards of consistency, quality, and repeatability.

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Industrial Technology

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing (333249)

Manufacturing Industries, Not Elsewhere Classified (3999)

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Velo3D, Inc.
2710 Lakeview Court
Fremont, CA 94538
T: 408-610-3915
F: 408-680-8791